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Join the biggest cross promotion ad exchange community

Create custom made ads promoting your app and exchange ads with other users in the community.

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It's really simple

Create beautiful and professional ads promoting your app with our simple and intuitive design tool.

Implement one of our lightweight SDKs and earn points by showing other users' ads in your app.

For each point that you have earned, your ads for your app will be shown in another user's app

App Promotion
App Promotion

Promote your apps worldwide for free by exchanging ads with other users in our extensive cross promotion community.

Acquire new users on a massive scale. Appylar is by far the most efficient and simple tool for expanding the user base of your apps.


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    Register your apps and create ads for them.

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    Create professional and beautiful ads in minutes.

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    Implement the simple and intuitive SDK.

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    Let your ads be seen on millions of devices.

All major platforms supported



React Native

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Build your own SDK and connect to Appylar with our REST API.

Our lightweight SDK:s are well documented with lots of sample code. Implementing an SDK is very easy with just a few lines of code.

Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate

Our SDKs are well documented and simple to implement with just a few lines of code.

Approved content

Approved content

All ads are reviewed by us and you will only show trusted and approved content in your apps.

Approved content

Simple design editor

Use our amazingly simple design tool to create professional ads in just minutes.

All ads are served from our network and we can therefore guarantee a 100% fill rate.



Appylar is completely free, but if you want to scale up your marketing activities, you can upgrade to a premium plan. You will get more impressions and access to great features that will allow you to target and track your ads exactly the way you want.

We've helped thousands of app developers to grow their user base and create successful apps.

Your campaigns will reach millions of devices where ads for your apps will be shown.

Mobile app marketing made easy

Questions & Answers

It's really simple. App developers in our community create ads for their apps. Those ads are then exchanged within the community so that you show their ads in your apps, and they show your ads in their apps. In other words, our users simply exchange ads with each other.

Absolutely! With our easy and simple ad design tool, you can create beautiful and professional ads in just minutes. You don't need to know anything about graphic design, our tool does the job for you. If you prefer using another image editing tool to create your ads, you can easily upload those images.

Your ads will be shown in all the apps of the app developers in our community. That means that your ad will be seen on millions of devices all over the world. This kind of market coverage would be impossible to achieve for any single app developer without a very large marketing budget.

Yes, Appylar is free! With our Free plan, you can use our service as long as you want without paying anything. However, if you want to have your ads shown more frequently and also get access to more advanced features, you can switch to one of our premium plans.

Not much. Our SDKs can be implemented in your apps with just a few lines of code. To help you with this, the SDKs have well written and clear documentation, and we also have downloadable sample apps in our GitHub repositories.

In the Reports section, you can see all relevant statistics about your campaigns. You can sort and filter the data in a number of ways to get exactly the information that you want. To help you get a quick overview of all your campaigns, we also send out weekly status emails where you get the most important statistics for your campaigns.

Before an ad can be published, it first needs to be manually approved by us. In doing so, we make sure that all ads follow our ad policy, which is designed to guarantee that each ad in the network has a safe and high quality content.

In the Free plan, you get access to some basic features. There are, however, a lot of advanced features that allow you to customize your campaigns and also make them more efficient. These features can be accessed with our premium plans.

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